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The Archive will be officially opened at 2.00pm on Saturday 15th March by Dr Jock Phillips who was formerly Chief Historian within the Department of Internal Affairs and Ministry of Culture and Heritage, then Concept Leader in History at Te Papa. Dr Phillips is now the General Editor of Te Ara, the Encyclopaedia of New Zealand.

The day will start at dawn with a special blessing of the Archive by Tangata Whenua, followed by kai in the Carnegie. The rest of the morning will be free to enjoy the Heritage Festival Parade before the Official Opening of the Archive at 2pm. We hope you will join us to celebrate this momentous milestone towards keeping our records and stories safe for generations to come.

Friday, 6 Dec, 2013.

The front fence proceeds.
The large window in front is the archive workroom.
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Friday 6 Dec, 2013.

The shelving goes up in the new archive building.
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Saturday 19 Oct, 2013.

M. Dunwoodie and G. Meek do some landscaping at The Treasury.
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Saturday 19 Oct, 2013.

M. Dunwoodie and G. Meek start on the front fence.
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UPDATE (September 2013): Work has progressed rapidly on the construction of our new archive building.

Monday 20th October, 2013.

The Archives building is largely complete and work begins on the interior.
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Monday 16th September, 2013.

The outer cladding of the Archives Building begins to take shape.
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Monday 26 Aug, 2013.

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Monday 13th May, 2013.

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Thursday 9 May, 2013.

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Thursday 9 May, 2013.

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Tuesday 30th April, 2013.

Floor beams are hefty, to take the weight of the records.
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Wednesday 18th April, 2013.

Pouring the foundations for the new Treasury building.
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Monday 25 March, 2013.

Work begins on the foundations of the Treasury Archive building after a delay to check for archeological remains on the site.
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Thursday 7 February, 2013.

Demolition of the house next door
to make way for the new archive building.
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On Monday 26th November 2102 the Trustees held a special meeting to decide whether the Trust could make a formal decision to begin the necessary steps involved in building the archive. The Trust had funds in place to complete Stage I (the construction of the building), but we still had $80,000 more to raise towards Stage II (the archive shelving and building the fence along the front). The decision was made to make a start, subject to the funders being notified funds were in hand for Stage I only. We had positive replies from Lotteries, the Sir John Logan Campbell Trust, Trust Waikato, Lion Foundation and the Chisholm Whitney Trust, so the project that many of you have been involved in for the last ten years is now about to become reality. It couldn’t have happened without you all.

Just before Christmas the new area representative from Wellington from the Historic Places Trust was told to call in to see what we were doing. She too loved the design of the new archive and said “You MUST build a modern building beside an old one”. It’s great to get more confirmation that we are on the right track.

It is fantastic that we are finally underway to construct the archive. I thank again the Trustees and hard working committee, and all our members, for all their support, and look forward to a grand opening later this year.

Morrie Dunwoodie,
The Coromandel Heritage Trust.

The proposed $1.1 million archive building to be built at The Treasury

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The floor plan of the new Treasury building.
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$360k boost for archive

'The news came from Lottery Environment and Heritage, which confirmed it would provide $360,000 funding towards the proposed $1.1 million archive building at The Treasury in Thames. The grant is the full amount the trust applied for.

The archive building will adjoin The Treasury - the former Carnegie Library - in Queen St. It will provide secure and safe storage for community and family records in correct archival conditions to national standards.

The building will include: A secure archive room which will be heat, light and dust-controlled, a conservation work area, a separate reception room with rear outside access to allow deliveries of larger contributions and to enable items to be thoroughly debugged and cleaned before going on to the shelves, two much-needed storage rooms, a toilet with wheelchair access, and a connecting corridor to The Treasury.

The trust has already received confirmation of grants from the Sir John Logan Campbell Residuary Trust and Trust Waikato.'

Quote from an article that appeared in the HAURAKI HERALD on Tuesday March 20, 2012.


FOR THE ARCHIVE: A huge thanks to the following people for recent donations towards the building of the Archive. You are part of something which will be important to the region for years to come. Thanks to new members of the Club of 64: Jim Poulgrain, Robyn & Brian Revell and Sue & Murray Edens. Also to Grant & Barbara Edgecombe, the Coromandel Town History Research Group (a second donation), John Rennie & Joyce Hill for their generous donations.

AS WELL: $930.00 has come in with people rounding off their sub or making a donation at the same time. As you can see, no matter how small, these donations mount up. The committee is amazed at the number of people who have gone out of their way to support the last stage of this project.


CHISHOLM WHITNEY TRUST: for $25,000 towards the archive building fund. This was at the top end of the amount they give as grants, so we are very grateful to them.
COMMUNITY POST: for 400 envelopes – a great help towards stationery costs.
PUB CHARITY: $1754.70 for stationery and office items including a cabinet for under the reception desk and an A3 guillotine.
TE PAPA HELPING HANDS GRANT: $1,000.00 for conservation materials such as acid free envelopes for photographs and archive boxes.


A Hauraki Herald campaign helped swell the building fund coffers, and we thank the Hauraki Herald for suggesting this as a way of helping.

Used Printer Cartridges:
Please continue dropping used cartridges in to us and if you know of neighbours, offices etc who would also save these for us us please let them know we are collecting them.


We Are Collecting ....

Birth, death & marriage certificates; family reunion books; school jubilee books; school year books; history books about the region; photos; maps; family trees; business records; club records; oral histories; reports by local historians including Toss Hammond, Alistair Isdale and David Arbury.


Keep them coming! If you have any birth, marriage or death certificates, baptismal records etc. we are collecting these now. Copies are fine if you want to keep the original. They do not have to be people who lived in the region, but if they tie in to the family you are researching, or are a member of your extended family (no matter where or when they lived) then they WILL be useful. Some Recent additions: Crook; Johnston/Waite; Weston; Weston/Cousins; Weston/Hanlen; Weston/Lees

Obituaries, Eulogies

Church Service Sheets: Church service sheets now often contain lovely photos and sometimes information. A big thank-you to those people who are handing in copies of their eulogies to us – these are a mine of information and contain not only the important biographical details but also very interesting family stories. They will be hugely valued by future generations and will keep the memory of your family member alive. Some of our recent additions: Crook; Strong


The Coromandel Heritage Trust Oral History Recorders:

This is an extremely valuable way of documenting the history of the region. The group records on equipment of the highest standard, donated by Toyota in 2006. Please contact Margaret if you would like to help.

Margaret investigated using a smaller hand-held recorder for informal interviews and also for interviews in situations where it isn’t possible to carry our Marantz gear around. While the Marantz recorder donated by Toyota is still the equipment of choice, a hand-held recorder (Sony) has been purchased for ‘rambling’ eg cemetery walks. A big thank you to Lee who has done so much for the Oral Historians and is taking a break, and thanks to Marilyn Dodds for offering to take over the processes involved in putting the oral histories onto CDs and the presentation of them. Any more volunteers for transcribing?? No. of interviews: 57 interviews, 9 with two CDs.

New interviews: Jack Price, Dora Connors, Brian Matich, “The Twentyman Family, Thames” (Max Twentyman), and Gordon Battson have been interviewed. Nurses Re-union: Margaret reported that she did a series of nine short interviews at a Nurses’ re-union which became a CD 'Memories of Thames Hospital', recording aspects of Thames Hospital history and Battsons’ Plumbers' closing down, and the scene for an oral history interview with Gordon Battson, about the family and the history of the business. A guided tour through the old premises with Gordon followed, and his reminiscences were recorded on a hand-held mini recorder. Seventy historic photos were also captured. Old Tapes transferred to CD was one of Lee’s recent projects with recordings of Jean Roberts and the Saunders’ Family - includes small digital story of Ruby Saunders travelling on the 'Wakatere'. Sandy Lautenbach recorded 'Barrie Menzies: Family Story', using her hand- held recorder. Barrie is from the Grey & Menzies family so we are delighted to have his memories.

The Coromandel Heritage Trust Indexing Group:

Convenor - Marise Morrison. Meet on Tuesday mornings from 10.00 until about 1.00. They index items in The Treasury Collection. The work of this group will be invaluable to researchers. Anyone who is interested would be very welcome to join this group - please contact Marise if you can help. A welcome to Lynne Davies, Daisy Graham, Irene Austen, Tracey Spence and Pam Kruithof at the Indexing mornings and to Miriam Heberley who with her white gloves delves through and indexes all the photographs that are being handed in. This group of ladies also do all sorts of other jobs when needed, such as sleeving records, sorting fiche, putting newsletters in envelopes, and for their willing help we thank them. It is amazing that their index has gone on line with such an large number of entries – 180,000 as this newsletter is written. The Searchable data base: Dr Evan Lewis PhD MD has designed a searchable data base to hold all the hard work done by the Indexing Group. This is a very exciting addition to the website. Visit THE TREASURY INDEX and see what/who you can find.


Webmaster and Journal Editor: Kae Lewis.
EMail Address: KaeLewis1@gmail.com

Visit The Website to see the valuable website Kae has developed. We have had a lot of praise for the contents of this site. Kae is also editor of THE TREASURY JOURNAL.

The website is bringing in a lot of enquiries as well as paid research and we expect more now the new Research and Sales pages are online. There is a charge for research done for patrons at The Treasury, so the website is helping to provide some income for running costs. Forms are being downloaded and sent in for the Pioneer Family Register and Membership of the Trust. Resources and family treasures are being sent in as a result of people seeing on the website what we are doing here at The Treasury.


WALTER CALLAWAY by Geraldine Dunwoodie.
OLIVER'S TRAVELS by Malcolm Doidge.
WAKATERE by Althea Barker & Ruby Saunders.

Commemoration Pages:

These pages have met with great interest. A $100 donation gives you a page - these will later be made into ‘books’ and prominently displayed in the foyer of The Treasury. Not only do they become an interesting information resource about you or your early family, but we can acknowledge our donors by putting their names at the bottom of their page.

NEW PAGES: Hauraki Thames Indexing Group x2 (from the Hauraki Thames Indexing Group); John & Sarah Morrison x2 (Morrison Family Reunion); Danby Family.

Pioneer Register:

This is a very worthwhile project started under the umbrella of the Hauraki Thames Indexing Group. Forms for this project are available at The Treasury, can be downloaded from the website (www.thetreasury.org.nz), or write directly to The Coromandel Heritage Trust, PO Box 75, Thames 3540. If you had early family in the TCDC or HDC areas, please fill out one of these for us. These may not go onto the shelves immediately as there is a process to be followed so Linda can digitise them.


Linda Hansen (Switzerland) is digitising these forms so that they will be easily searchable. As well as entering all the information on the forms, Linda searches the internet for more information about the individual, sometimes getting in touch with family members where she can. She also links into any other sites providing details, such as war records.

SOME NEW FORMS: The Adams/McCullough family of Thames; the Adams/Nixon family of Thames; the Baker/Woodcock family of Thames; the Cartman/Nicholls family of Te Aroha; the Cornwell/Nicol family; the Dearle/Nicholls family of Te Aroha; the Dodd /Hanley family of Thames; the Dodd/Lawlor family of Thames; the Guilding/Nicholls family of Thames Valley; the Gubb/Bonkem family of Thames; the Gubb/Carlile family of Thames; the Harsant/Woodhead family of Hahei; the Jackson/Harper family of Thames, Te Puru, Tapu; the Jenkin/Phillips family of Thames; the Jennings/Hutton family of Thames & Paeroa; the Jennings/Reyner family of Thames; the Moorcroft/Lamb family of Coromandel, Puriri and Tapu; the Nicholls/Kiriwaitai family of Thames and Te Aroha; the Nicholls/Mataia family of Thames & Te Aroha; the Nicholls/Te Wakaawa family of Te Aroha; the Peploe/Mudd family of Thames; the Peploe/Smith family of Thames; the Roberts/Pooley family of Thames; the Scott/Runciman family of Thames; the Taylor/Wills family of Thames; the Williams/Cornwell family; the Williams/Trotter family of Thames.

Thames Treasury Tales:

G. Dunwoodie searches out interesting snippets about people, places and events about life in the early days from all over this region. These Tales are taken only from resources in our collection, to give people an idea of the information they will find at The Treasury. Coromandel FM broadcasts these regularly. Booklets containing some of these tales can be purchased at The Treasury. Coro FM has asked for another set of stories.

Goldfields Mall Display:

We have been asked to provide an on-going heritage display at the Mall. We wanted this display to include the whole of the TCDC/HDC area and to provide interesting and thought-providing items to make people aware of, and understand more about, the heritage of the region they live in. RECENT DISPLAYS: Peninsula People.


These are progressing slowly – please send in named photos of the wedding party as these are often hard to name in later years.


Photos of your family’s house and any information you have about it would be very welcome – when built, builder. Also certificates of title etc. We are including any information we receive about houses so please send in anything you know about your house if you live in the region. Pauline has scanned a collection of photos of early houses taken by Elizabeth McCracken some years ago.


Photos and information about the headstones at the Tararu and Shortland Cemeteries. Pauline has compiled these and they are now on the shelves.


Folders of all the soldiers KIA from the entire Hauraki region. Compiled by Althea these are now on the shelves.


An idea of Althea’s. We are asking people to do some research and write a page and provide a photo of people from this region who have made us proud in some way. Some of the volunteers and members may be able to get their thinking caps on and research a well-known or famous ‘ex’ from the region.


EMail Address: info.thetreasury@gmail.com
Postal Address: PO Box 75, Thames.

Patron: Ian Hopper



Morrie Dunwoodie (Chairman)
Gary Meek (Treasurer)
Pat Mravicich
Rodney Poulgrain (Hon. Solicitor)
Kem Tukukino
Sue Wright
Judy Vedder-Price


Marilyn Dodds (secretary)
Pam French
Geraldine Dunwoodie
Miriam Heberley
Mark Lahore
David Legge
Marise Morrison
June Robinson
Mervyn Tilsley
David Wilton

705 Queen Street
Thames, New Zealand.

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