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If you would like to order one of the following items, email The Coromandel Heritage Trust
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by Althea Barker

An A5-sized booklet, 34 pages with photos.
A well-researched booklet about old Landmarks in Thames no longer in existence, with an early photo for each landmark. It includes a transcription of a recording made with Toss Hammond, an early historian. A very interesting read.

ISBN: 978-0-9922507-3-7

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by Althea Barker

A5-sized booklets of 26 pages and 34 pages, including photos of the topic and photos of the person interviewed.
Interesting snippets from the stories recorded by The Coromandel Heritage Trust Oral History Recorders.

Book 1 ISBN: 978-0-9922507-0-6
Book 2 ISBN:978-0-9922507-1-3
Bk I - $5.00
Bk II - $7.00

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by Althea Barker

An A5-sized booklet, 42 pages.
Althea has researched extensively to provide a picture of the wide variety of interesting sports the early settlers took part in. Includes a transcription of a recording with Toss Hammond, an early historian, photographs, and many of the early family names are mentioned.

ISBN: 978-0-9922507-4-4

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compiled by Geraldine Dunwoodie

An A5-sized booklet, 32 pages with photographs.
Interesting and sometimes quirky snippets about people and places in the Thames Coromandel and Hauraki areas. These Tales were compiled for Coromandel FM to read throughout the day.

Book 1 ISBN: 978-0-9922507-2-0
Bk I - $7.00

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by Kae Lewis

An A4 sized booklet, 9 pages.
This is the User's Manuel for The Goldminer's Database found at the website Goldrush Online. The database is a searchable index of 50,000 early New Zealand mining records. This booklet gives an overview of goldmining in New Zealand, describes the process that the miners went through to register claims and guides the user to make the best use of the database. It can help you to find out if your ancestor was a goldminer, and the area where he had his claim.

ISBN: 978-0-9922507-6-8


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NURSES OF THAMES: A History of Registered Nurse Training at the Thames Hospital.

by Althea Barker
An A4 soft-covered book, 82 pages, with many photos, newspaper clippings, fully indexed. This is a comprehensive history of nurse training at the Thames hospital with each page including wonderful, seldom seen photos. All aspects of hospital life are touched on including: Nursing Education, First Nurses, Nursing Examinations, Salaries, Etiquette, Accommodation, Uniforms, Off Duty Time, Balls & Socials, Special Times, Epidemics, Influenza Nurses, Maternity Nurse Training, Midwifery Training, Recruitment, Our War Nurses, Matrons and Tutors, Graduation Day, Closing of School, and more. Althea finishes with named photos of most of the groups of graduating nurses, and a list of nearly all the nurses who trained in Thames. These sections are still being worked on as more names come forward.

ISBN: ISBN 978-0-9922507-7-5

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by David Arbury
compiled by Althea Barker

This is an A4-sized bound book of 40 pages with photographs, newspaper clippings, a reference list and an index.
David Arbury was a trustee of The Coromandel Heritage Trust from the time of its inception. Following his untimely death, his family donated his years' of research to The Treasury. His primary interest was Thames, and in particular mining. Amongst his records were what looked like the drafts for several books. With the permission of his family, this book is the result of one of these, and is a compilation of several drafts David had made on this topic. Individual accidents and miners are described. Althea has tried to present this in the way that David would have done. Chapters include Thames, The Miner, A Mine Accident, Non-Fatal Accidents, Accidents with Explosives, Fatal Accidents Underground, Death through Gas, Miner’s Funeral, and Hardship and Help.

Book 1 ISBN: 978-0-9922507-5-1

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by Meghan Hawkes

This is an A5-sized bound book of 114 pages.
Interesting stories from early Thames newspapers, highlighting an earlier period in the history of the district, the 1940s – 1970s. The tales are fascinating, often humorous and chapters include: An Untidy Bubbling, The Vibration of Its Venerable Mechanism, The Toddler Who Tumbled, Little Green Men, The Demon Drink, Guaranteed Not to Bite As It Has No Teeth, Good Keen Men and Women, Thrashing In The Mangroves, A Home Is Only A Prison, Man Hunt, Five Vials Of Mercury And Ten Dozen Savoury Eggs, What Lies Beneath The Skies Above, A Little Deranged By The Influx Of Holiday Makers, Something Unique Is Happening In Thames, A Creeper Forcing Up A Skirting Board, Dastardly Deeds, Let Me Entertain You, Drifts Of Hail And Gobsmacked Gardeners, Fire And Water, I’m All Of A Muck A Sweat, The Dream Of Mayors, Those Were The Days.

ISBN: 978-0-473-15376-2
Published by Meghan Hawkes 2009

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Compiled by The Coromandel Town History Research Group

A4 size with 190 pages, photos included.
This is the third in this series of very interesting stories, told by people with connections to the Coromandel area. The three books are a credit to the hard-working Coromandel Town History Research Group and came about as the result of a competition to find the best story about the Coromandel. There are many informative, amusing or historic tales. They all help to preserve the history of the region.

Published by Coromandel Town History Research Group Inc.

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by Mike Dwight

This is an A4-sized book, 104 pages, many photos most of them not seen before, bibliography.
New Zealand’s ‘forgotten war’. The story of one of the first New Zealanders to fight abroad and at a time when ‘no natives could fight in a white man’s war’. This book provides background information on the Boer War and tells the story of Walter Callaway of Kikowhakarere near Coromandel – a man of many talents, and a story that needed to be told. Mike Dwight is well qualified to write this very interesting book – a South African growing up near where the New Zealanders fought, and now living in Thames, New Zealand.

ISBN: 978-0-473-17901-4


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by David Wilton

A 20-minute documentary which recounts the history of a remote farm block in the Coromandel Ranges which was settled in 1880 and farmed until about 1970. The DVD includes recorded observations of Madge Sutton, who lived at the settlement in the early 1900s, and numerous rare photographs of the area.

ISBN: 978-0-9922507-8-2

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A DVD commissioned by The Coromandel Heritage Trust, produced by Andrew Neal in association with the University of Waikato and Blackout Productions Ltd, and launched in February 2008. The video documents this iconic old bridge - a vital link from its earliest days to the present. It includes interesting tales and snippets from old timers as well as interviews and photographs.

ISBN: 978-0-9922507-9-9


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compiled by Pauline Stammers

Although you might think you know which school your family went to, sometimes they unexpectedly show up living somewhere else in the district as well. In addition to the school rolls, a list of teachers in the region has been added to Version 2, and names from some school rolls.

This CD includes the following schools: Hikutaia (Hikutaia West, Kaimanawa Road Komata North, Komata South, Omahu Wharepoa), Kaihere, Kauraeranga Valley Thames, Kauaeranga Boys Thames, Kauaeranga Girls Thames, Kerepehi, Kopuarahi, Kuaotunu, Mackaytown, Mangatarata, Matatoki, Ngatea, Orongo, Paeroa Central, Paeroa District High School, Parawai Thames, Patetonga, Pipiroa, Tararu Thames, Thames High School, Thames South, St Joseph’s Paeroa, Tapu, Thames South, Turua, Waikawau, Waikaraka/Central School Thames, Waiotahi Thames, Waitakaruru and Whenuakite.

ISBN: 978-0-9922508-0-5

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A valuable resource with some very interesting stories told, both personal and historic. Completed interview as a recording, transcript or abstract, is available. Not all are transcribed yet.
See the Oral History page for a list of people interviewed.
CD $15.00
Transcriptions $10.00
Abstract $5.00

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Almost half a century since they were recorded, Toss Hammond's recordings are now available as CDs. CD 1 is over an hour long, and describes his journeys up the Thames coast in the 1880s together with the exploits of famous chiefs such as Taraia and Rautao. A rich, fascinating account of Maori and early settler history.

CD1: History of the Thames Coast
transcribed by Lee Bisset.
ISBN: 978-0-9922508-1-2

CD2: Stories of James Mackay & Others 1860s - 1890s.
ISBN: 978-0-9922508-2-9

CD3: Thames Sports 1870s - 1900s, Trip to Table Mountain
ISBN: 978-0-9922508-3-6
CD $15.00
Transcriptions $10.00