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The Treasury exists and continues to operate because of people like you who donate their precious time and skill to our endeavours.

As a volunteer you can help ensure our daily operations run smoothly and be actively involved in bringing our longer-term visions for The Treasury to life.  You can learn new skills and share time with like-minded heritage enthusiasts.  Most importantly, you can help our clients and audiences from all over the world find the stories or information they are looking for.  

As a member of The Coromandel Heritage Trust, you can enjoy exclusive research access while knowing your subscription is an important income to The Treasury, which goes some distance to supporting our significant ongoing operating costs.  

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"Nothing happens unless first we dream"
Carl Sandburg

This quote was the opening statement of The Coromandel Heritage Trust’s successful 2013 application to Lottery Environment & Heritage which was the final enabler of the Archive build. Daring to dream is what has created the Archive we see today at The Treasury.

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