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Did you have early family in our region?

If you had early family in this region, please consider filling out a Pioneer Family Register Form for us to add to our archives. The Pioneer Family Register Form is a two-page PDF designed to be printed and either posted to us or scanned onto a computer to email to Please contact us if you would like to talk this through.  

The Club of 64

Inspired by Jim Archibald of Tourism Coromandel (where the founding Board of The Coromandel Heritage Trust were initially holding their meetings), The Club of 64 was developed in 2012 to recognise the generous donation of $6,400 each from, what was originally to be, 64 donors, to enable  construction to commence of our $1.1m world-class Archive.  However, during the promotion of The Club of 64, in 2013 The Coromandel Heritage Trust received notification from Lottery Environment & Heritage of a colossal $360,000 grant which allowed the Trust to immediately hit the go button on construction.  

The Coromandel Heritage Trust’s current Board plans to breathe fresh life into The Club of 64 and we are continuing to add new members.  Contact us to talk about joining The Club!  

Our heartfelt thanks to the 31 donors to The Club of 64:  

Ian Hopper & Cath Cowan
Ian & Judy Vedder-Price
David & Lynn Brown
Fred Sawyer
Morrie & Geraldine Dunwoodie
Ailsa Lamb
Muir Lamb
Kaye Rabarts
Gilbert & Anne James
Gary & Cheryl Meek
John Rowe
Doug & Alison Driver
Anna, Erica & Mark Dunwoodie
Pat & Margaret Nankivell
Coromandel Town History Research Group
Nita Pearce
David & Ruth Hughes
Jack Price
Hauraki-Thames Indexing Group
M.J. & Sue Edens
Jim Poulgrain
Brian and Robyn Revell
Bernard & Sandra Goudie
Sue Wright
Rotary Club of Thames
Vince & Pat Mravicich & Family
Grant and Barbara Edgecombe
Carol Fielding
Sandy Lautenbach
Anne Stewart Ball
Sue Edens
Merv Tilsley

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"Nothing happens unless first we dream"
Carl Sandburg

This quote was the opening statement of The Coromandel Heritage Trust’s successful 2013 application to Lottery Environment & Heritage which was the final enabler of the Archive build. Daring to dream is what has created the Archive we see today at The Treasury.

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Ngā mihi nui to our funders and partners