Comer Family Collections

March 4, 2024

We proudly house three Comer Family collections, which combined provide an extensive repository of documents, photos and artwork chronicling the lineage and legacy of the Comer and Pearce families. At the heart of our collection is Nita Pearce’s (nee Comer) donation.

Nita (11 May 1921 – 22 April 2020) was a descendant of a long line of Comers. Her marriage to Stanley Frederick Pearce intertwined two storied family lines, embedding their shared experiences in Te Kauaeranga | Thames, where they resided throughout their lives.

Adding to the family narrative, Nita's cousins, Jennifer Comer and Janette Lillian (née Comer), also enriched our collection of Comer records.

The Pearce Collection is a treasure trove of personal and communal history, from original manuscripts that narrate the family’s origins to records of moments from a bygone era. These items offer a window into life in the broader Thames community.

These collections not only encapsulate the immediate family’s memories but also serve as a cornerstone for understanding the broader migration and settlement patterns of the Comer lineage in New Zealand.

Selected manuscripts and photographs have been digitised and are available to view online.

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