The Thames Historical Museum Collection

April 4, 2024

Discover a remarkable mix of rich and diverse historical documents from Te Kauaeranga | Thames and beyond. The Thames Museum collection contains a wide array of paper-based items, including postcards, photographs, maps, letters, birthday cards, ledgers, notebooks, diaries, scrapbooks, song sheets, poetry, certificates, personal and business correspondence, audio tapes, family albums, and ephemera, totalling more than 2,170 items.

The collection provides insight to many aspects of our past, from ornate certificates and tissue-thin paper banquet menu in the 1800s, to postcards and photographs of WWI soldiers in uniform and sports teams from the 1800s. The 20th century brings posters of mens fashion, and memorabilia from local events.

The Thames Collection contains various maps and documents related to the region's planning and development, including Thames Township 1897, Thames Borough District Planning Maps 1974, Coromandel Township District Plan Maps 1978, and NZ Topographical Map Paeroa 1965.

For those interested in business history, the collection includes account ledgers and records from local companies, such as A. Court and Son, Judd's Foundry, and Read Bros. These provide valuable insights into the economic and commercial activities of the time.

With its mix of photographs, documents, and memorabilia spanning more than a century, it is a treasure trove of local history, fashion, culture, and everyday life. Explore the collection here.

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